Transitioning Service Member (TSM) Overview

Are you in the process of separating or retiring from Military Service? Being a survivor of sexual assault and going through the transition process can be difficult. Below is some information that may be helpful.

Am I a TSM?

You are a Transitioning Service Member (TSM) if you are a Service member separating from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, National Guard, Reserve Component or the Coast Guard for the following reasons:

  • Voluntarily or involuntarily retiring
  • Service obligation is ending
  • Medically discharged
  • Voluntarily or involuntarily discharged

Common TSM related questions:

  • How long am I considered a TSM?

  • What are some common thoughts and feelings during transition?

  • How might surviving a sexual assault affect your transition?

  • What are some ways to stay safe during your transition?

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