The following sources of help are available near you

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (Phone 1 is typically available 24/7)

SARCs ensure victims of sexual assault within the DoD community receive appropriate and responsive care. SARCs manage an installation or unit's SAPR program, serving as the single point of contact to coordinate victim care. While the SARC primarily provides management and oversight of victim services, SAPR VAs provide direct assistance to victims and help victims navigate the military's response network.

SARCs and SAPR VAs listen to victims' needs and then connect victims with appropriate resources, including medical care, mental healthcare, legal advice, spiritual support, and additional command support, if needed. They ensure Service members are not left alone to navigate the potentially daunting process of reporting a sexual assault. They also support victims in decision making throughout the military response system.

If a victim files an Unrestricted Report, which will lead to a criminal investigation, the SARC will also keep the victims up to date on the progress of their case.

Service Name Base DSN Phone 1 Phone 2 Phone 3 Zip Code
National Guard CT Connecticut 860-883-4798 860-883-1021(0730-1630 hours) 06457
Army SARC Connecticuit Reserve Connecticut Reserves 1-844-663-3269 (FORT FAMILY HOTLINE) 6510
Coast Guard D-1 CGA SARC D-1 CGA 860-701-6647 860-625-1002 06320
Navy New London,CT SARC Naval Submarine Base New London 860-625-9387 860-625-9868 (SAPR VA) 860-625-1212 (SARC) 06382
Army SARC Recruiting Offices Connecticut Recruiting Offices in Connecticut 502-626-5284 (24x7) 6510
Marine SARC for Reserve Training Centers (RTC) in Connecticut Reserve Training Centers (RTC) in Connecticut 877-432-2215 6062

Civilian Sexual Assault Service Provider (Available 24/7)

There are more than 1,100 local service assault providers across the country that works with RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) to help victims of sexual violence in their communities.

All RAINN affiliates operate 24/7 crisis telephone hotlines. These affiliate centers generally offer a wide range of services, or can refer you to another local service provider, for the following:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling/support groups
  • Legal/criminal justice system advocacy
  • Crime victim assistance advocacy
  • Community education
  • Professional education
  • Casework/practical assistance
  • Emergency shelter
  • Hospital Accompaniment
Organization City Phone 1 Zip Code
Safe Haven of Greater Waterbury, Inc. Waterbury 203-753-3613 06721
Rape Crisis Center of Milford, Inc. Milford 888-999-5545 06460
YWCA New Britain New Britain 888-999-5545 06051
The Women's Center of Greater Danbury Danbury 203-731-5204 06810
The Center for Family Justice Inc. Bridgeport 888-999-5545 06604
Sexual Assault Crisis Center of Eastern CT Willimantic 1-888-999-5545 06226
YWCA New Britain New Britain 888-999-5545 06051
The Center for Sexual Assault Crisis Counseling and Education Stamford 1-888-999-5545 06901

Vet Centers

The goal of the Vet Center program is to provide a broad range of counseling, outreach, and referral services to eligible veterans and their family members in order to help them make a satisfying post-war readjustment to civilian life. (

Vet Centers offer community based counseling and other services to eligible active duty Service members and Veterans. To find your closest Vet Center click here.

Chaplain (Available during duty hours) Learn More

Military chaplains provide spiritual advice and counseling on religion, ethics, and morale of assigned personnel. Although communications with a chaplain are not protected (as they are protected under a Restricted Report), it is a communication that is private and may be protected according to the UCMJ. Chaplains may be an additional resource for victims of sexual assault in both Restricted and Unrestricted Reports.

Service Name Base DSN Phone 1 Phone 2 Phone 3 Zip Code
National Guard CT Chaplain Connecticut 860-548-3240 860-803-7748 06457
Coast Guard D-1 CGA Chaplain D-1 CGA 860-444-8480 06320
Navy Chaplain's Office Naval Submarine Base New London Naval Submarine Base New London 694-3232 860-694-3232 After Hours 860-625-9908 860-694-3777 06382

Judge Advocate General (JAG) (Available during duty hours)

Judge Advocates (JAs) are military legal counsel responsible for legal matters for each Military Service. Jas are attorneys who have graduated from an accredited law school, are licensed to practice law by the highest court of a state or by a federal court, and have graduated from the Military Legal School. Their teams consist of Legal Assistance Attorneys, Trial Counsels, Victim Witness Assistance personnel and Defense Counsels. Service members have free legal advice and assistance available to them on their base and installation. Legal advice is provided for criminal and non-criminal matters.

Service Name Base DSN Phone 1 Phone 2 Phone 3 Zip Code
National Guard Special Victims' Counsel Connecticut 703-607-2263 844-468-4917 06457
Coast Guard D-1 CGA Legal D-1 CGA 860-701-6795 860-444-8254 06320
Navy Victims' Legal Counsel Eastern US Naval Submarine Base New London 860-694-2334 860-287-6615 (after hours duty phone) 06382

Medical Personnel (Available during duty hours)

Medical personnel are healthcare professions who provide physical and mental health care services as military medical treatment facilities. They treat sexual assault victims both physically and psychologically.

Physicians, physician assistants, and nurses all contribute to treating injuries and managing the risk of sexually transmitted infections. Specially trained nurses called Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs), gather forensic evidence during a Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE).

Psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, social workers, counselors, and other mental health professionals assist the victim in restoring the function and resilience lost in the sexual assault.

Service Name Base DSN Phone 1 Phone 2 Phone 3 Zip Code
Coast Guard D-1 CGA Medical D-1 CGA 860-444-8402 06320
Navy Health Clinic Naval Submarine Base New London Naval Submarine Base New London 860-694-4123 860-694-3261 860-694-3666 06382

Military Police (Available 24/7)

Each of the Military Services has their own Military Police Force, commonly known as Military Police in the Army and Navy, Security Forces in the Air Force, and Criminal Investigation Division in the Marine Corps. They all operate under the Provost Marshalls and will typically investigate crimes again persons and property that are not handled by the Military Criminal Investigative Organizations (MCIO), (i.e., Army Criminal Investigation Command, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Air Force Office of Special Investigations). Most sexual assault offenses are investigated by an MCIO.

Other typical military police officer duties may include conducting policing activities, corrections and detention operations, police and criminal intelligence operations as well as combat support operations, area security, stability and civil support operations.

Service Name Base DSN Phone 1 Phone 2 Phone 3 Zip Code
Coast Guard D-1 CGA MPs D-1 CGA 860-444-8597 860-444-8598 06320
Navy Military Police Naval Submarine Base New London Naval Submarine Base New London 694-3451 (Non-emergency) 860-694-3451 (non-emergency) 860-694-3777 (non-emergency) 860-694-3222 (emergency only) 06382