What is Safe Helpline?

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Established in 2011, Safe Helpline is the Department of Defense’s (DoD) sole hotline for members of the DoD community affected by sexual assault. Safe Helpline is a completely anonymous, confidential, 24/7, specialized service—providing help and information anytime, anywhere. A Safe Helpline user can access one-on-one support, peer-to-peer support, information, resources, and self-care exercises 24/7 to aid in their recovery.

Telephone Helpline

Our highly trained Safe Helpline staff are available to answer your questions, provide resources and get you contact information for a variety of on-base and off-base resources. You can connect with a staff member by calling 877-995-5247.

Online Helpline

The Online Helpline, an anonymous online platform, provides the same services as the Telephone Helpline described above. You can access the anonymous Online Helpline 24/7 by logging on to our website at safehelpline.org or connecting through the Safe Helpline app.

Safe Helpline Responder Database

The Responder Database consists of more than 2,500 military and civilian resources around the world, searchable by installation name or zip code. The database can help you find contact information for responders, even if they are not on your installation, associated with your Service, or in your local community.

Safe Helpline App

The Safe Helpline app gives you access to the Telephone and Online Helplines, peer-to-peer support through the Safe HelpRoom, the Responder Database, and has interactive self-care exercises. The app may be especially helpful if your unit is deployed. Safe Helpline uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to enable free access to the Telephone Helpline directly from the app and was specifically designed for members of the DoD community stationed OCONUS. This technology allows you to access Safe Helpline without the need for calling cards, expensive international phone plans, or having to use DSN, and instead allows you to call using only a WiFi connection. It also ensures that use of the Telephone Helpline does not show up on your cell phone bill or call history. The app is free and available to download on iOS and Android devices.

Self-Paced Education Programs

It's important that you can provide members of your unit with more information about sexual assault, how to support a survivor, and resources to help with the healing process. Safe Helpline offers unique, self-paced, programs to help those seeking support or information related to sexual assault. On average, each course should take approximately one hour to complete. Each course was built with a particular audience in mind, but all courses are available for anyone to take at any time. All courses can be accessed anonymously through the Safe Helpline website here.

Safe Helpline Military Feedback Form

Anyone who wants to comment or provide feedback about Safe Helpline, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response personnel, or wants to report retaliation can submit directly to personnel at the DoD Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office (SAPRO). For those reporting retaliation, SAPRO personnel will forward your report to the Department of Defense Inspector General. You can access the Military Feedback Form here.

Safe Helpline Brief for Leadership

Leveraging Safe Helpline to Support Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Efforts: A Brief for Leadership (Safe Helpline 103 brief) is 1 hour, and awards 1 continuing education unit for D-SAACP, and provides a high-level overview of Safe Helpline, how Safe Helpline supports the work of SAPR and SHARP teams on-base, and ways leadership can leverage Safe Helpline resources to support survivors of sexual assault. This brief is intended for leadership who are interested in raising awareness about services available and supporting survivors on base. The Safe Helpline 103 brief covers:

  • The key tenets of Safe Helpline, including services available to support survivors, staff training, and the importance of anonymity and confidentiality
  • How Safe Helpline services are supporting Service members and the SAPR personnel on your base
  • Resources available for leadership to support survivors of sexual assault through the Safe Helpline

To schedule a brief, please email outreach@safehelpline.org.