Information for Men

Can men experience unwanted sexual contact or sexual assault?

Yes. Men and boys often experience unwanted sexual contact or sexual assault and we understand that their experience can be very different from that of women.

Department of Defense (DoD) Safe Helpline staff are trained to help men who have had these experiences. For support, or if you are just trying to understand what happened and how it is affecting you, please contact Safe Helpline online or call 877-995-5247.

Is ’hazing’ ever sexual assault?

What are some concerns that men may have?

Are my experiences and reactions normal?

What can I do if I experienced unwanted sexual contact or a sexual assault?

What are my military resources?

Where can I find civilian resources?

What can I do if I’m dissatisfied with my commander's response?

If we haven’t covered a concern or question you have, you can also talk to a trained Safe Helpline staff member online or by phone, at 1-877-995-5247.